Historic District   “Walking Tour”

8 hours visiting the highlights of Mexico city, There are Cathedrals and historical buildings at every corner, walk through the streets of downtown and enjoy the markets, bars, palaces and museums. You will find lots of typical Mexican items all around.


The walking tour consist of:

  • Antropology museum (entrance fee is included).
  • Metropolitan Church, National Palace (Diego Rivera Murals), Post Office, Palace of Fine Arts & Templo Mayor panoramic view ( Aztec -Mexica ruins).
  • Historical Bar built in 1876 (Bar La Opera) drinks are not included.
  • Visit of artisanal shops.
  • Taste of typical food ( food is included)
  • Subway/metro ride (ticket included) it is a unique experience of the real Mexico.


8 hour trip, from 9:20 am to 5:20 pm, I required minimum 3 people to book a shared tour.

  • 54 USD per person from 3 people to 4 people
  • 43 USD per person from 5 people to 8 people
  • 38 USD per person from 9 people and more
  • the tour start at Antropology Museum at 9:20 am and end up at
    Zocalo at 5:20 pm.
  • *Additional time has an extra charge of $5 USD/hourly per person.



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