Tula Atlanteans Site & Tepotzotlan

Tula is an important archeological site in Mexico of the Toltec
culture (Pre-Aztec). The major attraction of the Archaeological Site are the famous “Atlantes” or “Atlanteans” of 4.8 meters height (14.7 Ft), each one made with basaltic rock, that guard the superior part of the Tlahuizcalpantecutli Temple or “Morning Star”.

It’s situated 60 km northwest Teotihuacan, (1.5 hours from Mexico city Downtown) in a region of small gullies and well-communicated valleys.

The place is formed by a series of constructions with deep religious symbolism, such as the Central Altar, the Coatentli or Snakes Wall, the Palacio Quemado, Ball Game and the Tzompantli.

This is the most important one of the tolteca culture, and is consider to be a major influence for Aztecs and Mayan cities like Chichen-Itza.

We will also visit The magical colonial town of “Tepotzotlan”

Where the majestic National Museum of the Viceroyalty and the Temple of San Francisco Javier is located, inside of a Franciscan Monastery – a UNESCO World Heritage Site- due to its magnificient gold decoration, featuring their complex decorative details that make them a masterpiece of barroque art.


From 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

70 Usd per person.

  • Includes the admission entrance fee.
  • Transportation to and from hotel.
  • Food not included.




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